The summer of 2015 brought with it many great memories and experiences, one of which was the opportunity to travel to Italy and study Renaissance art. What follows is a brief gallery of some of my absolute favorite photos I took while abroad.
Florentine Window
Rainy Day in Firenze
The Ponte Vecchio at Dusk
Florentine Via
Siena's Duomo
Saint Peter's Basilica at Night
Swiss Guards at the Vatican
Outside San Miniato in Florence
Florentine Overlook
Roman Ruins
Saint Peter's from Another Angle
The Colosseum
Monterosso al Mare
La Bella Monterosso
Monterosso from a High Altitude
Tyrrhenian Sea
Overlook of the Sea
Julianna at the Norwegian Pavillion in the 56th Venice Biennale
Venetian Balconies
In Return

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